Helen "Willow"

Willow (Sonflower Ranch's Helen) has exceptional milk production with a high capacity udder. At her peak, she has produced over 1 gallon of milk per day!

She has a great personality with people and children and is happy to receive scratches and treats from their hands. She is a fantastic mother. However, she can be very territorial with other goats and we feel she would do best in a home where she gets to be part of a much smaller herd. An ideal situation for her would be someone who has just her and another goat or two.

As she gave birth to a singleton doeling and recovered from a mild case of mastitis early during lactation, Willow's milk production is not quite as high this freshening. However, her production and genetic potentials are still fantastic as a dairy goat. Due to this and her temperament issues, her price has been reduced.

Willow is dual registered with MDGA and TMGR.

Date of Birth: April 15, 2019

Number in Birth: 2 (1 doeling, 1 buckling)

Sire: Sonflower Ranch's Gavin (Sonflower Ranch's Frank x Sonflower Ranch's Fair Lady)

Dam: Sonflower Ranch's Gracie (Sonflower Ranch's Fabio x Sonflower Ranch's Farryn)

Offspring: Cotton

$400 $300



15 April 2019




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