Mini Nubian Goats

Blessed Earth Farm is a small family farm in Conifer, Colorado. We specialize in producing Mini Nubian Goats suited for 4H, small dairy operations, and family homesteads.

Herd Liquidation Sale

Are you interested in some high quality, holistically raised dairy goats? Due to several major life changes all happening at once we are seeking new homes for many of our goats. Discounts available for multiples.


Why Mini Nubians?

A cross between the small Nigerian Dwarf goat and the full sized Nubian goat, Mini Nubians offer exceptional dairy qualities and temperaments in a medium sized package.

Holistically Raised

We take care to raise our goats holistically as possible, using herbs, minerals, and vitamins first to ensure their health. We believe this leads to happy and healthy goats, and cleaner milk and meat for our family.


Blessed Earth Farm produces quality Mini Nubian goats in the mountains of Conifer, Colorado.