Piper is a F6 Purebred Mini-Nubian, registered with the MDGA. She has a nice, petite size and a calm personality. While it took Piper a little while to adjust to her life on our farm after we brought her here (she is a cautious girl), once she settled in she proved herself to be one of our gentlest, sweetest goats. She has a nice udder with strong attachments and nice, symmetrical finger-like teats. While her production capacity is not as high as some, she has no trouble raising her kids without supplementation. Her teat size has been improving during her second freshening and allows for hand milking. She had a very easy pregnancy and delivery and is a wonderful mama who protects her babies from dogs and other goats but never threatens us or our children. She is currently in milk, leads well, jumps up on the milk stand willingly, is tolerant of her udder being handled, is loving to us and our children, and is an all around great goat.

Piper will be available after her two bucklings (Banjo and Harper) are weaned on July 4th, or is available immediately with her bucklings. Her bucklings are very sweet and are handled daily. Banjo has brilliant blue eyes and goofy ears. Harper has lovely moonspots with scattered white markings. Both bucklings have been disbudded and tattooed, and will be wethered once they are old enough.

These goats would be wonderful additions for someone looking for weed eaters, sweet pets, or a low to moderate amount of goat milk.

Date of Birth: 3/13/20

Number in Birth: 3 (3 doelings)

Sire: GTO Ranch Avalanche (B-52's Scout x Green Gables Blizzard)

Dam: Nueva Vida Ranch's Indy (Sonflower Ranch's Diablo x Sonflower Ranch's Fiona)

Offspring: Petunia Banjo Harper





13 March 2020




Blessed Earth Farm produces quality Mini Nubian goats in the mountains of Conifer, Colorado.