This incredibly flashy boy is even more stunning in person! Eclipse is a F1 Mini Nubian (MDGA & TMGR dual registered) with an exceptional pedigree full of STARS. His dam is a Goldthwaite doe (GoldthWaite Lucille) with an impressive lineage, while his sire (Blackberry's BH Phantom *B) has a *B and won Sr. Buck Reserve Grand Champion two times.

In addition to his impressive pedigree, Eclipse has a perfect personality and is wonderful with other goats and our small children. He has solid conformation and some serious good looks. He is a PROVEN buck, with three gorgeous doelings born and he is only 1 year old!

We are retaining at least one (though I wish I could keep all 3!) Eclipse daughters and so are hoping to find a new assignment for this wonderful buck soon. This is a great chance to get some wonderful dairy lines for a discounted price!

Date of Birth: 4/23/22

Number in Birth: 2 (1 doeling, 1 buckling)

Sire: Blackberry's BH Phantom *B (Blackberry's Houdini +*B x Grape Creeks Dolcetta *P)

Dam: GoldthWaite Lucille (GoldthWaite Pursuit +*B x SG GoldthWaite Windswept 4*M)

Offspring: Moonbeam Starlight Cotton





23 April 2022




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