Bella is a 2 year old mini nubian (F1) doe (MDGA Registered). We are asking $200 for her.

Bella leans more toward the Nigerian Dwarf side of her lineage, with a petite size and adorable "airplane" ears. One of the things we love about Bella is how she takes life in stride and isn't particularly intimidated by anything. She is a friendly goat and GREAT with our kids. Her udder has nice attachments, and her teat size has been improving during this lactation (second freshening). Her milk production has been sufficient to raise triplets without assistance. Speaking of which, she is a fantastic mother and had a very easy pregnancy and delivery!

Bella is currently nursing 3 kids and will be available once they are weaned on June 8, 2023. She is also available to purchase along with her 3 kids immediately if desired. Contact us about a multi-goat discount!






08 June 2020




Blessed Earth Farm produces quality Mini Nubian goats in the mountains of Conifer, Colorado.