Why Mini Nubians?

As a small homestead up in the mountains of Conifer, Colorado, we needed a goat that didn't require a lot of space, could provide enough milk for our family, and was large enough for hand milking. 

Mini Nubians are a great fit. As a cross between two breeds that are bred for their dairy traits, they typically maintain good dairy quality. Their milk has a high enough percentage of butterfat to taste great, while not being so rich as to be too strong for our milk drinking preferences. Our friends and family have been surprised at how good their milk tastes, especially compared to goat milk that is sold in grocery stores. They are the perfect size to be easy to handle, often maturing to around 100 lbs. While they are larger than Nigerian Dwarves, that can be an advantage when hand milking, as it is easier to fit a bucket underneath them and their teats are typically larger.

Our goats have wonderful, gentle personalities. They are friendly and enjoy attention and treats. They are not only easy to care for, but also provide incredible milk that we have used to make fresh and aged cheeses, yogurt, soaps, lotions, and butter. Owning a dairy animal has opened up the pathway to creating many whole, healthy foods and products for our family and we feel blessed to have these animals in our lives!

We think the Mini Nubian is the perfect homestead goat. Are you interested in getting a Mini Nubian for your own homestead?


Blessed Earth Farm produces quality Mini Nubian goats in the mountains of Conifer, Colorado.