About Us

Blessed Earth Farm is a small, family-run homestead located in the mountains of Conifer, Colorado. We focus on producing high quality, friendly, low maintenance goats that are a joy to share life with. We are actively working to improve our lines to improve on the dairy quality of our animals, focusing on good milk production capabilities, resilient udder conformation, and comfortable teat length for hand milking. While our program is in its infancy, we hope to produce animals that bring joy and value to other small homesteads like ours and are ultimately blessings to anyone who meets them.

Our Values

One of the main motivators for having a small family farm is to have more control over where our food comes from. By owning our own dairy animals, we know that they are well treated and loved. We also have control over what gets put into their bodies.

We strive to raise our goats holistically. Some have postulated that the majority of health problems in goats come from mineral deficiencies, so we give our animals free access to the minerals they need via an extensive mineral buffet. We also supplement with vitamins and herbs when necessary.

Our goats eat hay that is not sprayed with pesticides or herbicides and are fed organic whole grains while in milk.

Our animals are not vaccinated while in our care. While we understand this is a controversial issue for many, we personally do not feel the benefits of vaccination outweigh the risks.

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Blessed Earth Farm produces quality Mini Nubian goats in the mountains of Conifer, Colorado.